To create a Dagcoin wallet, you need to first go to and download the free DagWallet app

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the wallet, click on the sidewallet and open “Create a new wallet”.

You can create a wallet just for the device you’re currently on or opt for a multidevice wallet. 

Plain wallet

To create a plain wallet, first pick a name and fill in the form. Click on “Create new wallet” to finish creating your wallet. 

Backing up your wallet

When you first create a wallet, a secure cryptocurrency seed will be generated that is genuine and describes your wallet to the network. 

Click on this message if you haven’t yet:

This will show you a pop-up and present you with two options: backup now or cancel. 

From there on, click on "backup seed" and save the words displayed to you. 

If the seed words are lost the wallet cannot be restored later.

After saving your backup seed words click on “FULL BACKUP” to make sure your wallet is properly backed up. 

You need to set up a password for your wallet. If you’re going to restore it at some point, you will be asked to insert it, so make sure you come up with a safe password and that you note it down for yourself.

If the password is lost, the wallet cannot be restored.

Click on “export” and pick where you would like the wallet to be stored. A file is created in your chosen directory and you’re done. The created file can be used to restore your wallet on other devices at a later time.

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