After you log into your account in Dagpay, on your Dashboard select the second step “Verify your identity”.

There are three documents required for the KYC procedure. A proof of identity, a photo proof and a proof of address.

1. Proof of identity

As a first step, you will have to upload a proof of your identity. We can accept documents such as Passports or an official Government ID. Please be careful to follow the instructions listed above.

2. Photo of yourself with your ID

As a second step, you will have to upload a high-quality picture of yourself holding the same document that you uploaded before next to your face. Please make sure that you follow the instructions listed.

3. Proof of Address

Lastly, you will have to upload a document that proves your address. This document should list your name, your address and it shouldn’t be older than 3 months. We can accept documents such as utility bills, electricity bills, water bills, tax invoices, bank statements etc. 

Once everything is complete you can simply click on the Submit button to send your application.

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