After you log into your account in Dagpay, on your Dashboard select the third step “Verify your business”.

There are two steps required for a business verification. In the first step you will have to provide the information about your business and in the second one, you will have to provide the required documents of your business.

1. Business Details

Make sure that you fill out all the required fields regarding your business. Once everything is complete then you can proceed to the second step with uploading your documents.

2. Verification documents

There are two documents required for this step. Firstly, you will have to upload a government-issued document that proves your business exists. This document should include your name as a business owner, your business license, the date that your business was created, and all the legal information related to your business.

Additionally, you will have to provide a document that proves your business address. We can accept documents such as utility bills, electricity bills, water bills, tax invoices, bank statements etc. The document must not be older than 3 months.

In case that your business registration document includes the address of your company then you do not have to upload an extra address proof document.

You can upload any extra document regarding your business on the “Additional documents” option.

Once you complete everything you can simply click on the Submit button to send your application. Our support team will review your application and you will hear more from us after 1-2 days.

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