In order for the seller to create escrow deals, an active & verified Dagpay account is required.

To create a new escrow deal, navigate to Escrow section in Dagpay menu. Then select Create new escrow deal if no deals have been created yet or New escrow deal on the top right corner.

In the following view, you will need to enter:

  • the buyer name and email that the escrow deal will be sent to;

  • the escrow deal details along with the amount to pay for the deal. If you have multiple wallet addresses linked, you can also choose which wallet you wish the escrow payment to be released to upon completion. By default, your default wallet (configured in Dagpay Settings) is pre-filled.

You will also see an overview of the full amount to be paid in DAGs along with the escrow fee below the escrow deal details.

Make sure to also enter a reasonable estimated deal duration, taking into account time needed for shipping or providing the service. This will help the buyer to get an estimate of when the deal will approximately completed.

If all the escrow deal details are filled, select Create escrow deal in the bottom right corner, and the escrow deal request is sent to the buyer's email address.

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