Although the vast majority of the escrow deals go smoothly and successfully, there are cases that require the intervention of a third party — our moderators. On Dagpay we provide a dispute system through which we settle conflicts between our users in the best way possible.

Note - We recommend always to reach out to the buyer first before raising a dispute to get any additional information. Open the dispute only if the buyer refuses to release the payment or is completely unresponsive.

For example, it could be that the buyer already received the product/service and simply forgot to release the payment in a timely manner. By default, if you have sent the agreed product or provided the service and indicated it by selecting Mark as shipped in Dagpay escrow deals section, then the payment will be released in a set amount of time (unless the buyer raises a dispute) and opening a dispute is usually not necessary.

However, if you're still encountering issues with completing the escrow deal, you can proceed to open a dispute as follows:

  1. Open the escrow deal in Dagpay and click on the arrow on the right side to open the escrow deal details.

  2. If you have sent the product/provided the service and indicated it by pressing the Mark as shipped button under the deal details, but seems like the buyer is not releasing the payment, (e.g. forgot to indicate it by pressing the respective button), you can click on the Open dispute button.

  3. This will open up a dialog where you can fill out the reason for opening a dispute. Make sure to enter the dispute reason description as clear and concise as possible.

A support person will then contact you to investigate the dispute as soon as possible. Provide as much evidence and any additional proof requested by the support contact person as you can. In the end, a decision will be made based on the evidence provided by both parties.

Please note also that the dispute investigation is a complicated process and may take time. We are grateful for your patience and understanding.

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