Follow these instructions if you need help completing the escrow deal as a buyer:

Step 1 - Agree on deal details

When you have agreed to make an escrow deal with the seller, you will first of all need to provide the seller with your email address to which the escrow deal details and deal progress updates will be sent.

Step 2 - Reviewing and accepting the escrow deal

When the seller has created the escrow deal, you will receive an email with an escrow deal request from the seller. The email contains the escrow deal details that the seller has written along with an amount requested and transaction cost (included). After reviewing the escrow deal details, click on the Open escrow deal button to open the escrow deal in your browser.

There you can see the estimated timeline for the deal to be completed, and also the deal details and amount to pay again to make sure that they are as agreed with the seller. If something seems off with either the deal details or amount to pay, you may Decline the deal and ask the seller to create a new one. Otherwise, if everything seems correct, choose Accept deal to continue with payment.

Step 3 - Escrow payment

You will be navigated to the escrow payment view. Make the escrow payment like you would pay any other dagcoin invoice. The payment will be then sent to the escrow service and locked until the escrow deal has been completed.

Step 4 - Wait for the seller to ship the product or provide the service

The seller will be notified after you have made the payment to escrow. You just need to wait for the seller to ship the agreed product or provide the service, of which you will be notified with another email.

Step 5 - Confirm receiving the product or service and releasing the payment

When you have received the agreed product or service from the seller, make sure to indicate it by opening the escrow deal page from any of the escrow emails you have received so far and clicking the Product received button. This will release the payment from escrow to the seller and concludes the escrow deal.

If you encounter any issues during the escrow deal process, for example the seller doesn't seem to fulfil their side of the agreement, you can also look into opening a dispute as a buyer.

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