Follow these instructions if you need help completing the escrow deal as a seller:

Step 1 - Creating the escrow deal

When you have agreed to make an escrow deal with the buyer, you will first of all need to create the escrow deal. Refer to creating an escrow deal for more detailed instructions.

Step 2 - Shipping the product/service after escrow payment

When the buyer has made the payment to escrow, you will receive a confirmation email that the payment has been made and secured in escrow. Now it's your turn to ship or provide the agreed product or service.

Step 3 - Confirm shipment of product/service

After you have shipped the product or provided the service, you can then open the escrow deals view from the received email or navigate there in Dagpay manually and locate the ongoing deal. Open the deal details by clicking on the dropdown icon on the right side of the deal listing and click on the Mark as shipped button to confirm product shipment or provided service.

This will notify the buyer that you've completed your end of the deal and it's up for the buyer to wait until the product or service has been received and release the payment.

Step 4 - Wait for the buyer to release the payment

When the buyer has received the product or service, they can then release the payment from escrow. You will receive an email confirmation when the buyer has indicated on their side of receiving the product or service and the payment will be released shortly from escrow to your wallet.

Note that in some cases, the buyer may have received the product/service but forgot to indicate it on their escrow deal page. In this case, if enough time has passed and you are certain that the buyer has received the product or service, we recommend to contact them for a reminder to release the payment. Alternatively you may also wait until the deal duration reaches the end date and the payment will be released to you automatically.

If you encounter any issues during the escrow deal process, for example the buyer doesn't seem to fulfil their side of the agreement, you can also look into opening a dispute as a seller.

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