After you log into your account in Dagpay, on your Dashboard select the third step Verify your business.

Depending on your Dagpay account type, there will be different business verification requirements, each having different approved monthly processing volume limits for accepting dagcoin payments. This article describes the business verification requirements for the Unregistered business (freelance) account type:

  • Unregistered business (freelance) - can accept up to 1 000 EUR worth of dag payments in total per calendar month;

  • Currently it is not possible to raise the limit for unregistered business accounts. If you wish to process more payments per month, then you will need to create a new Company (legal entity) Dagpay account type.

Note that the limit values used are based in EUR currency due to regulatory reasons, but can be respectively displayed also in your preferred local currency when using Dagpay.

Getting verified as an unregistered business

In order to get verified, you will need to enter your business details and in addition to that, provide either your business operating address details (if you have a brick-and-mortar type business) or website (if you have an online business).

Once you complete everything you can simply click on the Submit button to send your application. Our support team will review your application and you will hear more from us after 1-2 business days.

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