This section provides instructions for paying Dagpay invoices in your web browser.

Step 1. Select the wallet and cryptocurrency you wish to pay with

Make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet with sufficient funds on it to complete the payment. Currently, only BTC, BCH, LTC and ETH are supported for payments in other cryptocurrencies.

Step 2. Fill in the payment details in your wallet

The Dagpay invoice provides several options to retrieve the payment details, depending if you are using a cryptocurrency wallet on a mobile phone or desktop.

A. Scanning the QR Code

If you are using a cryptocurrency wallet on your mobile phone while viewing the Dagpay invoice on a different device, typically via a web browser on a laptop or a desktop.

B. Copying and pasting the amount to pay and wallet address

You can view the cryptocurrency address & amount to which you need to send the funds. Make sure to enter the correct amount and wallet address, preferably by copying and pasting the values from clipboard.

Step 3. Send the payment

Finally, after having confirmed that the amount and the receiving address is correct (you can check the first and last characters of the wallet address for example), tap Send to complete the payment (make sure that you send the payment within the 10-minute payment window seen on the Dagpay invoice).

Payment confirmation

After sending the payment from your cryptocurrency wallet, Dagpay will then keep track of the payment status and notify you when payment has been received. This usually takes less than 15 seconds on average. You will also receive a payment receipt to the email associated with the account from where the payment was requested.

NB! If you are sending the payment from an exchange platform, it may likely take more time for a confirmation to appear as exchanges do not necessarily guarantee withdrawing funds instantly.

* Other cryptocurrency payments in Dagpay are currently not supported for all Dagpay merchants.

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