What is Dagcoin?

Explanation of what Dagcoin is and what technology it uses.

Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that is built on the brand-new DAG-chain technology designed for using, not trading – the way money is supposed to be! In addition, there are numerous benefits to using Dagcoin instead of other established cryptocurrencies, some of which include:

  • Near-zero transaction fees - Whether sending 0.1 or 10 000 000 DAGs, the cost will always be 0.0005 DAGs.

  • Almost instant transactions - Dagcoin transactions are made in a fraction of a second and take only a few seconds to be confirmed.

  • Freedom to transact - Dagcoins are always easily accessible from your wallet. No one else but you can use your dags. No one can freeze or limit your account.

  • Compliance - Dagcoin has government licenses for crypto and is strictly following KYC and AML laws to reduce illegal or criminal transactions in the financial world.

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