How to Create and Send Email Invoices with Dagpay?

Getting started with Email Invoices.

Creating an Invoice

Creating an invoice with Dagpay is easy. 

Log in to Dagpay with your account and you will find the Email invoice on the menu on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this will open the section.

From here, you select New Invoice in the right corner, and from the opened selection create a new regular Invoice or a Recurring Invoice. A regular invoice is a one-time invoice that will prompt the user to pay a specific amount on a single occasion. 

A recurring invoice is useful for subscription services and constantly recurring payments. You can automate the entire process of sending weekly or monthly invoices to clients. These can be set to send until a specified date or until you cancel the recurring invoice manually under the Recurring invoices tab.

Regular Invoice Creation

You fill in the fields, choosing who you send the invoice to and what the subject is going to state. 

It is also possible to add other recipients for the invoice as Cc. 

In the details section, first off, you choose the due date when the invoice can be paid for. Optionally you may add a custom ID or reference number for accounting purposes.

You then choose what amount will be paid and in which currency. There is an option to include tax. In addition, you may also select a Receiving wallet that you've set up for receiving the finances for the created invoice. If you have added only one wallet for Dagpay, this will be selected by default. 

Last but not least, you can add details about the invoice in the Description text field.

After confirming the Total Amount, you can send the invoice by pressing Send Invoice.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices work almost the same as one-time invoices with the exception of a few additional fields. You pick the initial date and time for when the customer will receive the invoice and you also choose the intervals for when new invoices are sent. Picking "every week" will send the recipient the same invoice precisely a week from the initial date and time until the specified date below, or when the recurring invoice is canceled manually.

You can specify the rest of the details just like you would with a regular (one-time) invoice and send the invoice by pressing Send Invoice.