POS Checkout App Setup

Instructions for pairing your Android Dagpay POS App with your Dagpay organization account.

To make accepting dagcoin payments through Dagpay even simpler, you can use the dedicated Android Dagpay Point of Sale app, available on Google Play (iOS app coming in the future).

After you have downloaded and installed the app on your smart device, you must first pair it with your Dagpay organization account. You can do this by logging into your Dagpay account and navigating to Merchant Tools > Dagpay Checkout App and clicking on the Generate New Pairing Code button.

This will open a dialog with a unique 8-digit pairing code. Enter this code in your Dagpay POS App on your smart device. Note that the code expires in 5 minutes, after which you will need to generate a new pairing code if you didn't pair it with your device on time.

After successfully entering the pairing code, you will be redirected to the Point of Sale checkout view in your Dagpay POS App. That's it! Just enter the amount you wish to receive in DAGs or FIAT currencies, and the app generates a dagcoin payment invoice with a unique QR code for you to show to your customer. Simple as that.

In addition, you can pair as many devices as you want with your Dagpay organization account. Just follow the same steps described above, and see an overview of your paired devices in the Merchant Tools > Dagpay Checkout App view.

NB! In order to successfully accept dagcoin payments with the Dagpay POS App, your Dagpay account setup must also be completed.