How to Get and Set Up a Dagcoin Wallet?

Create a Dagcoin wallet and start using Dagpay

Creating your DagWallet

To create a Dagcoin wallet, you need to first go to and download and install the free DagWallet mobile or desktop app.

Open the newly downloaded wallet application and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your personal DagWallet. After the setup is completed, you are ready to start accepting dagcoin payments.

Backing up your DagWallet

When you first create a wallet, a secure unique cryptocurrency seed will be generated which can be used to back up your DagWallet. We strongly recommend you back up your wallet in case something happens and you need to restore your wallet and dagcoins stored on it!

You can back your DagWallet by opening the Dagwallet menu in the upper left corner, navigating to Settings, and selecting BACK UP

This will direct you to the Backup view where you can choose to display the wallet seed, which consists of 12 unique words. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Remember, if the seed words are lost the wallet cannot be restored later!

After writing down your seed, it is recommended to delete it from the device by following the on-screen instructions again.

Whenever you need to back up your DagWallet in the future, download and install a new DagWallet, navigate to settings from the side menu and choose Back up. Enter the seed you had written down previously and your DagWallet and any coins on it will be restored.